Talks & Lectures

Selected Talks, Lectures & Seminars

2021 “‘They chose, are glad, etc.’: Privilege, Precarity, Democracy and Citizenship in the United States.” Keynote Lecture for 8th Annual American Studies Conference. Fairfield University, CT. (delivered remotely)

2019    “Being Well: Minor Subjects and the Right to Health.” Eminent Scholar Mentor Program. University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Baltimore, MD.

2018    “An Aesthetics of Kin and the Rights of the Child in Minor U.S. Literatures.” American Literature. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Santiago, Spain.

2018    “A Beastly World: Transnational Feminism, American Literature, and Wanting Otherwise.” Literature and Globalization II Research Seminar. Universidade da Coruña. Coruña, Spain.

2018    “‘I Haven’t Come Back… I’ve Come Here’: American Innocence and the Refugee Child.” Invited Speaker. The State of Human Rights: 18th Academy Conference. Bavarian American Academy. Munich, Germany.

2017 “An Aesthetics of Kin and the Rights of the Child in Minor U.S. Literatures.” Distinguished Lecture. Five College Asian / Pacific / American Studies. Northampton, MA.

2016 “The Unyielding Earth: Women of Color Feminism and Cold War Fictions.” Lebanon Valley College Colloquium Series Speaker and Featured Scholar for “Crossing Boundaries in the U.S.” Seminar. Annville, PA.

2013 “The Right to Self Determination in a United Nations World: Minor Literatures and the Bandung Spirit.” Distinguished Lecture in Asian American Studies. Ohio State University.