The Cambridge Companion to Asian American Literature

Cambridge Companion to Asian American LiteratureThe Cambridge Companion to Asian American Literature

Edited by Crystal Parikh, New York University and Daniel Y. Kim, Brown University
Cambridge University Press (2015)

“The Cambridge Companion to Asian American Literature” offers an engaging survey of Asian American literature from the 19th century to the present day.

Since the 1980s, Asian American literary studies has developed into a substantial and vibrant field within English and American Studies. This Companion explores the variety of historical periods, literary genres and cultural movements affecting the development of Asian American literature. Written by a host of leading scholars in the field, this book provides insight into the representative movements, regional settings, archival resources and critical reception that define Asian American literature.

Covering subjects from immigrant narratives and internment literature to contemporary race studies and the problem of translation, this Companion provides insight into the myriad traditions that have shaped the Asian American literary landscape.

Video: Co-editors Crystal Parikh and Daniel Y. Kim toast the Companion’s publication with contributors and leading scholars Josephine Park (University of Pennsylvania Asian American Studies Program and Department of English) and Joseph Keith (Binghamton University Department of English). Ed Lin (“Ghost Month”) and lê thi diem thúy (“The Gangster We Are All Looking For”) read from recent works. Introduced by Sukhdev Sandhu (Director, A/P/A Studies in the NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis).

Co-sponsored by the NYU English Department and Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program in the NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis. This event took place Oct. 20, 2015.